You’re stuck In Your Comfort Zone & It’s sabotaging your Goals, purpose & direction in life.

Do you dream of being in control of your life and not letting fear, bad habits, procrastination and low motivation hold you back?

The comfort zone is the biggest killer of success.

Think of your
future self...

Will you be proud that the version of you now faced their fears and changed their life? 

Or will you regret staying in the same stagnant place for far too long?

Cards Beyond Comfort™️



Make a change in your life & challenge your comfort zone with our self-improvement card game, designed to help you beat discomfort and improve your life in a simple & easy way.

  • 52 x Challenges
  • 6 x Instructional Cards
  • A mixture of mental, physical and social challenges
  • 3 x difficulty levels (easy, medium & hard)
  • Bullet pointed benefits on the back of each card
  • Easy to follow instructions and rules on each card

Stop wasting time...

Stop wasting time going through tonnes of self-help books and apps to find that ONE thing that can change your life.

We’ve done the hard work for you and put together the best methods for personal growth, all in the palm of your hand.

Thousands of hours of research in the palm of your hand.

To help you master your mindset, set goals, stress less & become more mindful.

Try powerful diets & physical routines to help you become fitter & healthier.

Designed to create real social interaction, helping you build your confidence.

Understand exactly how the challenge will improve your life on the back.

Challenges are created so that anybody can take part, regardless of experience.

Complete each challenge with ease using the instructions & rules on the back.

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Benefit in 30 days or FULL refund

Top tier support

If we can do it, you can too.

We are Mark and Joe, founders of The Improvement Artist – We know exactly how it feels to be stuck in your comfort zone, it’s not easy to overcome especially if you don’t know where to start. But with the right techniques and guidance, it is more than possible.

For a long time, we were in your position, and it was far from easy. Fast forward to today and we have helped thousands of people achieve their goals and push past their limits, and you can do the very same.

Your transformation plan.


Challenge Accepted.

Simply draw a card and complete the challenge, it’s that easy!


Challenge Conquered.

Conquer proven challenges & enjoy mental, social & physical transformation.


Choose Your Difficulty.

Beginner? start easy or dive in if you’re ready to embrace the challenge!


Transformation Complete.

Beat the comfort zone and welcome a new you that embraces growth, fear, & change.

Stay in the comfort zone if...

What your life could be like..

Check out others who have escaped the comfort zone!

Have a look at what some of our amazing customers have to say about Cards Beyond Comfort!

"I'm absolutely blown away by the results"

"It's been an absolute revelation for me"

"Never seen anything like this before"


Yes. Practices & techniques used in Cards Beyond Comfort have the ability to aid symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. All techniques within the deck have been well researched and many studies/health articles show the benefits to each challenge.

Each challenge duration lasts around 3-5 days on average. There are 52 challenges each with a harder variation of the same challenge (Expert variation). If you count these as separate challenges then you have 104 total challenges to complete which will keep you occupied for a good length of time!

Yes. The challenges have been carefully designed for those that are new to self-development / complete beginners or whether you carry experience. Each challenges has benefits to a wide range of users.

Yes. We offer bulk production services to businesses throughout the UK and worldwide. Please seek our “Bulk Orders” page for more information.

Of course, we can even include a personalised message on your order, please email us with your order number and message that you would like to send immediately after purchasing and we can include it in your order.

Cards Beyond Comfort is suitable for anyone regardless of age or experience in self-development and anyone can benefit from it, under 16s should be accompanied by a consenting adult while completing challenges.

There are 3 main ways to complete Cards Beyond Comfort which are all outlined and explained in the instructional cards at the start of the deck!

We only currently ship within the United Kingdom for small orders but stay posted for international shipping in the near future!

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Sophie Tomlinson


Cameron - D

Fantastic Idea

Taylor - L

Really Unique concept!

Shannon - R
Innovative & effective!

When I first heard about Cards Beyond Comfort, I was a little skeptical. How could a deck of cards possibly help me to improve my mental health? But after reading some reviews and trying the challenges myself, I was convinced. These cards are so innovative and effective at helping you to overcome your mental obstacles!

Cathy Hilton

I gave it to my daughter: she is loving the cards, helping her set good intentions .

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