Do you want to improve the mental, social & physical health for your clients, students, or employees?

Are you looking to invest in the long-term success & mental well-being of those you support, providing them with the skills & confidence to escape their comfort zone & thrive in all aspects of their lives?

Ineffective self-help tools can sabotage growth.

Envision the future self of
your students, clients & employees...

Will they be proud of overcoming challenges & growing, or regret staying stagnant?

Your guidance can inspire them to embrace change & strive for a better future.

Cards Beyond Comfort™️

Cards Beyond Comfort


Get the most out of your students, clients, or employees by challenging their comfort zones with our self-improvement card game. This easy-to-use & effective resource is designed to help overcome discomfort, improve mental health & inspire positive change, making a lasting impact on their development.

  • 52 x Challenges
  • 6 x Instructional Cards
  • A mixture of mental, physical and social challenges
  • 3 x difficulty levels (easy, medium & hard)
  • Bullet pointed benefits on the back of each card
  • Easy to follow instructions and rules on each card

Invest In your students, clients or employees
& see transformational results.

Whether you’re looking for individual use, group settings, or one-on-one sessions, choose one of our tailored Cards Beyond Comfort packages that best fits your institution’s needs.

Starter Pack

Perfect for small groups
or institutions.
£ 124
  • 5 x Cards Beyond Comfort Decks
  • See Effect In 30 Days or Full Refund
  • FREE PDF Implementation Guide
  • BONUS How to Develop a Growth Mindset (PDF)
  • Digital Self-Improvement Journal for each individual

Growth Pack

Ideal for medium sized institutions or practices
£ 224
  • 10 x Cards Beyond Comfort Decks
  • See Effect In 60 Days or Full Refund
  • FREE PDF Implementation Guide
  • BONUS How to Develop a Growth Mindset (PDF)
  • Digital Self-Improvement Journal for each individual

Transformation Pack

Best for large organisations & extensive use.
£ 419
  • 20 x Cards Beyond Comfort Decks
  • See Effect In 90 Days or Full Refund
  • FREE PDF Implementation Guide
  • BONUS How to Develop a Growth Mindset (PDF)
  • Digital Self-Improvement Journal for each individual

Check out what UCLAN university have to say.

“Cards Beyond Comfort is an incredible resource and one that I would recommend to all students and young adults. I have used these with degree students at all years of entry and have seen first hand the benefit gained by individuals who have used them. A fabulous resource and one that I would urge all students to use.”

Boring presentations & curriculum just don't work.

Here's why our resource is totally different:

Effective , proven methods that truly work.

We only use the best techniques, exercises & habits that have been scientifically proven to work and bring genuine results.

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Top tier support

YOU control the destiny of those who you support.

You understand the challenges of guiding your students, clients, or employees. Your role is transformative, turning struggles into triumphs and doubts into determination.

We recognise your dedication and impact. Cards Beyond Comfort supports your efforts, providing a tool to help them reach their goals and achieve lasting success.

Your implementation plan.


Choose Your Package.

Select the right package that best fits with the needs of your institution or practice.


Begin Integration.

Depending on your needs, use one-on-one, in a group setting, or for independent use.


Support & Check-In.

Regularly check-in with individuals to discuss their progress & provide feedback.


Transformation Complete.

Welcome an improved version of the individuals you support & encourage ongoing growth.

If you don't take action now..

Unlock potential success..

Real impact, real results.

Have a look at what some of our amazing customers have to say about Cards Beyond Comfort!

"I'm absolutely blown away by the results"

"It's been an absolute revelation for me"

"Never seen anything like this before"


Yes. Practices and techniques used in Cards Beyond Comfort can help students improve mental health, manage stress, improve focus, and build resilience. These activities encourage personal growth and mental well-being, which can enhance academic performance and social interactions.

Absolutely. The challenges in Cards Beyond Comfort are designed to support therapeutic practices, providing counsellors with structured activities to help clients work on their mental health, self-awareness, and personal development.

Employees can use Cards Beyond Comfort to increase productivity, motivation, reduce workplace stress, enhance team-building, and improve overall job satisfaction. The challenges encourage positive habits, mindfulness, and personal growth, which can lead to a healthier work environment.

Each challenge typically lasts around 3-5 days. With 52 challenges and an expert variation for each, there are 104 total challenges, providing a long-term resource for continuous self-improvement and development.

Yes, the challenges are carefully designed to be accessible for beginners while also offering depth for those with more experience. Each challenge has clear instructions and benefits a wide range of users.

Cards Beyond Comfort is suitable for anyone regardless of age or experience in self-development and anyone can benefit from it, under 16s should be accompanied by a consenting adult while completing challenges.

Yes, the challenges can be adapted for group settings, making them ideal for team-building exercises, classroom activities, or group therapy sessions. Instructions for group use are included in the deck.

We only currently ship within the United Kingdom for small orders but stay posted for international shipping in the near future!

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