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What Is Amazons' Audible Platform?

Audible is an audiobook service from Amazon which offers the world's largest selection of titles and podcasts across multiple genres. Choose from over 200,000 best-selling digital audiobooks, radio and Tv programs, and audio subscriptions to popular magazines and newspapers.


Audible offers an affordable membership plan to customers which allows the user to receive credits that can be redeemed for content every month. Members have the option to choose between a range of membership plans each allowing the user a different number of monthly credits.

Perks Of An Audible Membership

Audible is not only affordable but is great value for money especially if you are a frequent purchaser of digital audio content. Purchasing certain titles would actually work out to be way more expensive without using Audible credits. 

Members can also download 2 completely free Audible originals on the first Friday of every month which you can keep forever. These Audible Originals will not use up any of your existing credits.

Members also keep all of their titles once they have used a credit or purchased it regardless of whether they have an active paid subscription or not.

Audible also offers great discounts and deals for bestsellers on a daily basis

What Do I Need In Order To Start Using Audible?

Audible is available to use via a web browser but is most commonly downloaded via an app that is available on every major app store and mobile device. Once you start redeeming credits and downloading titles you can stream your favorite titles on the go, offline or online wherever you are!

What If I Don't Like My Audiobook And Want A Refund?

A great part of having an Audible membership is the very helpful customer service available to members. Audible has a "Great Listeners Guarantee" in which they will return any book you have purchased over the past 365 days if you don't like it.

How Can I Get A Free Title On Audible?

If you do not want to commit to a subscription straight away then Amazon's Audible offers a completely free 30-day trial which includes one free credit that can be used for any title in the store. 

If you want to test Audible out for yourself and get your first audiobook title completely free then use the link below to sign up now.

Amazon 30-day free trial

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